Financial Fitness Prep

I’m so pleased you will be joining us for the live online Financial Fitness Workshop.

There is a bit of prep before the Workshop – it should take you about 20 minutes. Although it does not have to be done 100% accurately, it will make it more relevant for you when we work on this during the workshop, and help you create your own personalized spending plan.  Please try to make some time to do it.

Click to download this spreadsheet with 2 pages:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement

Complete as much as possible and have them available during workshop. If you are not sure about some figures or expenses, check your bank statements for some help. An 'educated guess' will be okay at this stage if you don't know! If you have another system that you use for recording your budget, please feel free to use that.
Your info will be confidential and purely for you to use during the workshop.

Here is the link to join the Zoom workshop on the day. Please ensure your Zoom is updated and your sound and video working. The Zoom room will be open 15 minutes before the workshop.

Looking forward to sharing a special day with you.